Friday, 23 April 2010

My derriere is distressed

I am blogging at 5.30 in the morning because all night I've had a searing pain in my left butt cheek! I've tried resting on my bed of jagged springs and that has just made it worse.

I got up to get some water and could not place left leg on the floor, such was the agony. My left leg does not like exercise, I learnt that on the Big Issue walk.

At least it's not more serious but I'm thinking I'm going to look a right tit limping through the school gates. Still, I walked through yesterday wearing my Boot Camp uniform, I can pretend it's hard core there, perhaps try recruit more mums! Whatta ma chances?!

For now though I'm going to catch what looks like a beautiful sunrise. My frosted kitchen window is glowing pink!

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