Monday, 19 April 2010

Early thought on Broken Britain

The Blue man keeps saying this: "Broken Britain, Broken Britain..." (a plethora of newspapers I've been indulging in recently as my son played in the glorious Spring sunshine)

Never mind the tax for married couples, there will be a tax allowing mothers to stay at home if they choose to. That's nice! Nice if you're married to a living person that is.

If like me, your husband (wife if you're a dad) is symbolic, you are raising your children alone, you will be forced back to work. Refusing to do so will see cuts in your benefits.

How will that fix things?


notSupermum said...

Oh yes, Blue Man doesn't like people like us Stigmum. Single parent mums, vote Tory at your peril!

Stigmum said...

Oh yes and Blue married mums, when the country splinters under the weight of chronic poverty, don't say you weren't warned, as I'm trying to warn you...