Monday, 26 April 2010

Dishonesty doesn't sit well with me....

My support worker's just been round. We have such interesting chats he and I about the society we live in. I don't tell him I write a blog and although some of what I'm told I keep to myself, for his opinions on the state of things are also mine and you get mine, other things I can't help but note.

Like erm, being told the support system's been revamped and a dozen front line workers have lost their jobs and half the managerial have lost theirs too. My support worker had to re-apply for his position and I told him I was so grateful he was still around because he is the very best that I have met.

I couldn't do his job, I've said that before. Spend my days talking to people like me being unable to help them.

Of course my support worker does help me, even though in terms of voluntary work and training I am able to help myself. He is someone I can bang on to about housing because it dominates my mind and depresses all my friends.

Still, I believe it is in "the public interest" to say some stuff and while I'm so frightened of my son's future with me, well it's the moment to voice it I suppose isn't it?

Argh, this morning I've been reading an excellent post by Gappy about privacy. It got me thinking that I still don't know who reads this and unlike other bloggers, have no idea how to track it.

Should I worry?


Jennysmith said...

Hi. I don't necessarily worry about who reads my blog, but then my posts are a lot fluffier and superficial than yours.

I think its wicked people have to re-apply for their job that they've had for years. Almost immoral.

thinking of you xxxx

Stigmum said...

I love your blog! Like I once said, you are the tonic to my vodka!!
Yep, I agree on the wickedness and I also worry for jobs just aren't out there for so many people looking. Rah rah rah.
I look forward to your next posts!!
Take care mamma xxx

Gappy said...

Alright Stigmum? Don't even get me started on all the cuts that are being made to public sector jobs at the moment. It's shocking. Not only that but so many support services (womens aid for example) are also having their funding slashed to ribbons. And this is a labour government! It will be even worse under the Tories if they get in.

I have replied to the questions in your comments in my comment section. I'm afraid I'm a bit rubbish at all the techie stuff, but hope that I've managed to shed some light on it all for you. x

Stigmum said...

Hey Gappy, I'm not too bad thanks! Yes, the slashing, an outrage. Here though, it's a libdem/conservative coalition that rules the land. They blame labour for the council property sell offs, but many of their decisions are right leaning independent (like privatising caretaking and slashing online resources for pensioners etc). I'm abit worried about May 7th, if I can understate how I feel right now!
I'll pop over to your site with pen and paper. I'm such a luddite, I really am so thanks for whatever you've put there! xxx