Monday, 12 April 2010

Me and my laptop in synch

I tell the property owner when she comes round that I got her letter of warning and I'll reply to it as soon as I can get my printer working again. "OK" is all she says. No conversation starts with the electrician, and once he's there anyway, she carries on like I'm not.

That's fine for when she arrived I carried on playing with my son while she nosied around and noticed the lock on the front door was broken. I told her to leave it, there were two other locks. Then she asked how it happened and what with her loving to blame me I said: "I might have shut it too hard. You yourself said it was a fragile frame so I can't take all the responsibility for it."

Anyway, I'm rambling, this is supposed to be about me and my laptop.

In short, my laptop needs a "full recovery". The dvd/cd entry thing is jammed, won't open. I rang support (and I'm covered luckily) and the device for it was nowhere on my lovely, little hardware. So the man said I have to bring it instore for a "full recovery". I'm scared. I truly am. I'm a luddite remember. I don't know how to save web links and stuff. I'm even more scared there's something seriously wrong with it and what ever needs to recover, will never recover (in which case I'll tell them not to do recovery work and carry on working on my damaged sanity saver). It's appointment with the PC guys is at 3.30 tomorrow at the end of the earth somewhere.

Meanwhile, I need a "full recovery" too. Like the laptop, my appointment for (yawn, yet another) shrink assessment is at 1pm tomorrow . I didn't think I'd get my son a playdate but my friend Jab's saved the day.

A good friend sent me a love letter at the weekend. A beautiful letter. Aaaargh!

Do men that like me, like me because I resist them?

Is my being single a choice or a comfort?

Timely the shrink visit but why oh why did I schedule my equally damaged laptop in the same day?

Wasn't thinking, that's why. Wasn't bleddy finkin'....

I hope my laptop will be alright.

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