Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ideal jobs?

Three opportunities in my inbox! I've said yes to them all! They are all for different tentacles of this great octopus we call The Council.

I can do them all because they are part time and flexible and all within school hours. Great! Fantastic!

I have this ideal scenario because I'm not being paid for any of it.


Last night on Panorama, they were following 4 lads on benefits and their attempts to find work. One was a bit "fussy". The reporter concluded we must bring a US style Work Fare programme into the UK. The Blue's definitely want it, they've said already they'll cut the benefits of those turning a job down. The Yellows and the Reds are heading down the same trajectory.

I don't know what this means for me but.....

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why, politicians don't see parenting as a job, particularly if you're doing it solo?

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