Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Tories want my vote?

The Tory councillor who urged me to take the "creative steps to social housing" was delivering leaflets door to door as my son and I were leaving the flat to go to my folks last Thursday afternoon.

"How's the housing going?" he asks. It shouldn't make me angry but it does.

"Well, we're being evicted aren't we?"

I lock my front door and as my son and I walk round to the Toilets I say: "I don't know why you're bothering putting that through my door, I probably won't vote."

He mumbles something which my ears don't catch, then says something about housing again.

"I sent you an email and you never replied," I respond.
"Oh that, about your history."
"Yes. You said you'd help us but you agree with bouncing children. Bounce, bounce, bounce mine."
"I don't agree."
"You don't agree?"

The Toilet arrives and the door slides open. "I've got to go, but send me an email about your "look" so I can read it properly."

It won't surprise you to know my inbox was empty on my return.

His "Look.." could have been loaded with good intentions but he walked away at the first council hurdle so I doubt it somehow.

Tories? I need to know your position on bouncing children. I need to know your future position on affordable, secure, council tenancies for the masses (It's not just an issue in my 'hood, I'm sure...)

Oh, I Don't Know Party. My heart breaks that I Didn't Know how to get you up and running.

Alas, it's too late, the election contest has begun.

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