Friday, 16 April 2010

The first televised election debate and the I Don't Know Party!

Did you watch it? Good wasn't it?! Yep, right up the I Don't Know Party's street this one!

I was impressed by the Yellow Man, which didn't surprise me in the slightest (I read somewhere that he was an agnostic, like me and did a degree in Anthropology and I've met him, of course) I thought the Blue Man had some good ideas in regards to cutting waste (I'm not waste, OK Blue Man, let me just make that clear) and the Red Man? I enjoyed the humour and the pointed questions to his Blue rival. Yes, the I Don't Know Party loves questions!

Aren't we tired of the same old parties "playing pass the parcel", as Yellow Man said so succinctly, "making the same old promises, breaking the same old promises"?

Well, I think so yes but the devil's in the detail innit?

Two more debates to go! Fantastic! Didn't I tell you the I Don't Know Party welcomes competition from an I Know Party? It couldn't have wished for better with this historic first!

I'm definitely after a hung parliament after last night's show. You can't ask for such things, you can only hope.

I shall hope, Blue Man, not fear, just as you said.

I shall hope, hope, hope!


notSupermum said...

It was interesting wasn't it? I was quite impressed with Yellow man too. I thought Cameron was a bit snooty and too polished, and Brown was...well, Brown.

At work today quite a few people mentioned Clegg, and how they might vote for him. Interesting!

Stigmum said...

Yeah, I really liked it! Not surprised the tories didn't. I've met yellow man and he was no different on that stand. I hope power doesn't corrupt him. I don't know why but I do like the Red man even though he's blackmailing my borough. He won't slash tax credits and child trust funds like the Blue man, and I've heard, the yellow man. Maybe that's why. I want to abstain because of my housing issue reason but I want to vote too. Oh who who who?! Maybe I'll know by Round 3. Hope so!! Do you have any idea? Or you still with the I Don't Know Party like me?! x

notSupermum said...

I'm 100% sure I won't be voting for Blue Man, now it's between Yellow and Red. Hmmm, not sure - but will be watching with interest over the next couple of weeks. It'll also depend on our local candidates too of course, not heard anything from them yet!

Stigmum said...

Red with a yellow majority? Hmmmm!