Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Home Removals"

Along similar lines to what I pitched the nationals, an article came out in the Guardian today about whether councils are shifting families into the private sector in order to deny them a council flat. Four homes in three years this family are quoted to having moved - from a hostel to a substandard private flat which they fought themselves out of into another council-provided private rental flat.

Children's education disrupted twice, the mother has a two hour commute to her part time job back where they originally made their request for housing. I've met a few like this family but they're Home now and relieved.

In the article a labour councillor "claims that some Conservative-controlled authorities want to "make homelessness disappear by putting it into the private rented sector,"" which a Tory MP says is "scandalously is absolutely untrue that we are trying not to provide social housing."

Reducing statistics is certainly how it looks to me in my Tory/Libdem coalition. However.......

My support worker told me when he popped round for a visit the other day that our council is so aware that no-one would believe that homelessness has disappeared that they are going to keep some families in temporary accommodation to keep the numbers real.

Homeless families I met in the hostels can't go into private renting if they are in rent arrears and besides, private landlords who'll take us benefit scum aren't 10 a penny so hostels are the '"suitable alternative" for someone of my "family composition". I'm in rent arrears but who the fuck knows what's happening with me at the moment, I certainly don't.

All I do know is that it's a fucking mess and in all the lies and smoke and mirrors, the chances of me and my son getting somewhere secure, affordable and near his school when we are evicted are are are....

I swear I'd love to get some Hero In to forget all this shit but Nico Teen will have to do.

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