Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Smash brick walls with emails

Good morning gentlemen,

I email all three of you together because two of you didn't answer my question when I met you at the housing meeting in Camden last night. The answers I did receive struck fear into my heart.

Which party will give my son and I a council flat when we are evicted from our temporary accommodation this summer?

The Green party did not know (I would have included him but I didn't catch his name), just as I do not know.

Libdem, you mentioned Pathways, which is private renting. This next flat will be my son's fourth home. I worked when he was born, when I had a partner. I worked before he was born and was able to pay my rent, my council tax, my bills, by myself. The private sector is not the best option for us. However your party is trying to help us and thank you for answering my question and asking me for my details.

Labour, you mentioned the 18,000 people on the waiting list. It is not a crisis in our times, it is a catastrophe. However, 18,000 people were not present last night and to the best of my knowledge, no single parents who are statutory homeless (just so you all know, under the private rental scheme I would still consider myself 'homeless' as my tenancy would still be insecure and I would still have to bid, week in, week out for a secure, affordable home as I have been doing for the past six years). I was there last night, my son was there. What will happen to us?

Tory, I didn't catch your answer at all. I don't think you gave one but I could be wrong.

I need to know. The future of my child is at stake here. He is in a good school and I don't want to see him torn away from there. He is also seven years old, an age where he can articulate the stress he picks up from me. If he picks up an asbo when he's 12 years old you can blame me all you like, but I am trying my best here.

I was pleased to meet you all, I look forward to your answers.

Kind regards


The Libdem replied almost immediately saying he appreciated how difficult it was for me and he'd see what he could do if he was re-elected.
I don't know if Labour and Tory will answer but I hope they do.
I'd thought of saying "does my vote matter to you?" but forgot. Oh well, I think I know the answer anyway.....

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