Monday, 12 April 2010

Me for Prime Minister!

Imagine! Let us, just imagine, for a minute!

I'd had the time, the resources, the cash to make the I Don't Know Party happen!

May 6th.

Half the country still don't know who to choose out of the "I Know" parties so they vote for mine!

Landslide victory for the I Don't Know Party!

I stand under a blue sky with the keys to Number 10 in my hand!

My son, my sun, my son, plenty of room for us in there!

"How will you reduce the deficit and save public services?" ask the people.

"I don't know!"

"How do you plan to save this country?"

"I don't know!"

D'you know, it could've worked! Get a good team of thinkers, all who don't know one thing but know another.

Where would I find these thinkers?

I don't know.

Honest my party!

Me for Prime Minister!

Can you just imagine?!

I may just go and laugh my way to bed!

Night, night, the Great Out There!

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