Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Paxman interview

Last week was Clegg, last night was Cameron, next week is Brown - Paxman's televised interviews with the potential leaders of a potential coalition.

Paxman's so good at what he does and well, I'm mentioning it today because yesterday I said that in the TV debates, I found being stared at by the Blue Man irritating.

I don't find TV interviews irritating! Hurrah!

I should end this post here but I'm not going to so bear with me a minute.

There were alot of questions about the deficit and proposed cuts that the Blue Man didn't answer. What he said about the economy, I'm not an economist and on the news later I learnt Brown has seen in a 0.2% growth. Because I don't understand the economy, I won't be voting on that issue. I was made redundant seven years ago when the country was not in recession. Boom/recession, same to me. Economy? Don't geddit!

Nah, marriage tax. Couples are being wooed with a carrot worth an extra £3 a week I was told. Paxman was asking him if he was encouraging one parent to stay at home to look after the kiddies in line with Tory ideology. Blue Man wouldn't answer that.

Will you let me stay home Blue Man?!

Readers, as you know, I'm voting on housing. Housing and Children. (Pensioners too).

Cameron wants everyone to own their own home and feel empowered. Nice idea maybe. This Tory ideology was started by Thatcher and not stopped by Blair. Not enough council flats anymore? Thousands remain empty.

There are currently 4.5 million people on housing waiting lists in the UK (David Orr: Guardian 14th April). 4.5 million. 18,000 in my borough alone. This is a country wide problem.

I want to meet the Blue Man! I won't mind him staring at me in a one to one interview!

I want to meet him and bring with me my son's class photo. I want to point out my son and ask "what are you going to do with him? All tomorrow's children, what are you going to do with them?"

I asked his team mate the other night if we'd ever get a council flat. As you know, he didn't answer me.

I need to know. My son is all tomorrow's children.

It's a sunny day. I wonder if he's down the beach with his daddy, his daddy's wife and his two younger half siblings. That's the nuclear family the Blue Party likes.

I love you my son, my sun, my son xxx

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