Monday, 19 April 2010

Hang parliament in a Cafe

I'm so coming round to the idea of a hung parliament. I've had fantasies of the Red Man, Blue Man and Yellow Man meeting at a Westminster Greasy Spoon discussing, not arguing, discussing, what is the best way to pick this country up off its knees.

I was pulled from my fantasy listening to the Blue Man on the news:

"Is a hung parliament going to get that job done? A hung parliament would be a bunch of politicians haggling not deciding. They would be fighting for their own interests, not your interests. They would not be making long-term decisions for the country's future, they would be making short-term decisions for their own future."

Are you speaking for yourself Blue Man? Does my fantasy need a moderator? I quite fancy David Dimbleby. He comes across to me as quite calm and humourous.

I shall therefore continue to dream, continue to hope, that May 7th, will be a sunny day and the likes of me and my child won't be washed down the River.

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