Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Running into Tim

Tim is Hannah's husband, who I mention now and then because they're in the same boat as me, only with four kids.

I ran into him as he was pushing his daughter's buggy just as I was walking to the CAB and said:

"Hello! How are you? How are things? Have you moved yet?" They were due to be evicted last month you see.

"No, they're saying we're ok until August but it could be anytime really. We're just living in limbo, not really knowing what's going to happen." Oh yes, how I know that feeling....

We traded stories. He said they'd been talking to the Yellow Man. I didn't enquire whether it was the Man himself or his Pal, but he said the Red's had been round his gaffe. Yep, yep I nodded as simultaneously thought I still haven't written to Red MP....

He said he wanted to get bunk beds for his kids, to create more space, but with an imminent move, and not knowing to where, couldn't risk the investment. He and Hannah are still thinking hostel. It's cramped he said "but at least you know you can stay there. Somewhere with more space, well we don't know when we'll get evicted again."

"I hear ya, I hear ya!"

He also said his ten year old was beginning to pick up on it all. I said my seven year old was too.

We wished one another luck, I told him to send my love to Hannah and we should all stay in touch. I didn't ask him if I could write our conversation down but his wife is cool with it so I doubt he'll mind.

I write because I'm not alone and nor is my son, my sun, my son.

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