Friday, 30 April 2010

The last of the TV debates

Housing! It made it!! Clegg you are my hero of the night for saying the C word... Council flats! Such a dirty word the other two didn't so much as mention it. Labour even tipping over to the Conservative ideology of owning a home. Aaargh, that's what started this bloody catastrophe in the first place.

Clegg also wins points for highlighting the loss of housing benefit when someone goes back to work. Well done Yellow Man!!

These two points have not been picked up by any paper I have picked up this morning.

Cameron wins no points from me for saying that those who can work and turn down work will have their benefits cut. The Guardian has an article in it today saying just how measly the £65 claimants get a week really is. I get a bit more obviously with the child tax credits.

Cameron gets no points for saying that those who have given nothing in their life time, haven't "saved", should get recourse to free care when they are pensioners. I'm not convinced Cameron knows what he is talking about.

Brown got drowned out some how. Cameron wins prizes for skirting the issue, what ever issue that might be; tax cuts, immigration, everything.

I have just returned from my meeting at the Citizen's Advice Bureau. I am allowed to keep £10.45 from the payment a paper has promised me. Whoopee doo. The £10 covers the electric for my metre but the 45p doesn't cover a pack of Match Attax for my son.

You wonder what's the point. Yup, I've lost sight again. Hello Black Dog.

Come on stiggers, I need a bright idea.....

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