Thursday, 1 April 2010

The electrician's' coming back

The property owner called this morning to say the electrician was coming back to 'finish the job properly'. She asked whether I'd be in tomorrow. I told her I wouldn't be, I was going to my parents and I would be leaving early because it's Good Friday and I'm going to take my son to church.

Oh la la la la la and "it's got to get done" and "I'm not paying the electrician until it is" la la la.

"It's the Easter holidays and I'm going I don't know when I'll be back." (She's always telling me I can't always get what I want which iritates me but this time I'm not going to let her or her bully boy partner give me grief) "It's not an emergency. There's no flood, there are no sparks. It can wait."

The electrician calls while I'm in Sainsbury's and tells me she's been "moaning" at him for "half an hour". We both have a good moan, we come to an understanding that he'll come a week on Monday. Happy, happy all sorted and if property owner is not happy, well, too bad really. I won't tell her she can't always get what she wants because I don't want to start a habit of patronising people.

Believe what you want.

The electrician is quite lovely. The electrician is also married. It's good to know these things!

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