Friday, 23 April 2010

"Wake up!" "Drive your power!"

Bazza's Boot Camp resumed yesterday. It was good to go back, channel all my angst into something positive.

Punishing though! Stiggers had this idea to send a diary to the nationals. I say this because everytime I tried to focus on something (like not being whacked around the head) she was on my motherboard - "do it, write it, send it, take the risk, take the risk!"

I never knew I took stiggers to boot camp, so yep, I learnt something as me and myself divided in the high stress of a dream situation.

Anyway, only five mistresses turned up, so after the run (I hobbled in so last, so wheezy after this Easter break) I was partnered with the Master for the kicking routines. It wiped me out! It finished me off! Afterwards we had to push our partner up and down the width of the hall. The Zen Master is Gold winning strong, yes? I was pushing him with all my might and he was saying "Wake up! Wake up!" I wanted to cry yes I did but thought "don't you dare!"

Of course, he didn't push me when the other girls swapped over, I'd be horizontal in a second, so he made me run round and round the mat. "Drive your power!" he said, seeing me stagger. Me and stiggers started chatting (not out loud obviously) and well, I finally got into a rhythm!

The class was excellent. We spent the last half hour tripping each other up. Doing the tripping was great fun, landing on my arse was not but then you've got to go with the punches don't you? Learn to fall without hurting yourself....

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