Saturday, 1 May 2010

Oh Brown, you're Blue?

"Housing?" stormed Paxman as he asked Brown what cuts he'll make if he wins the election (for a minute there I thought: "He's read my article!!")

"Housing is a private issue," replied the Red prime minister.

My heart sank. The Red MP in Camden is on my side, but the National Red, well he's bloody Blue isn't he?

Hard to hear when your heart is sinking but did he really say there is no need to have to keep renovating homes? Did he say no need to build more schools or hospitals? Heart sinking, sorry reader.

Legal Aid. I heard that loud and clear amongst the civil servant pay freeze, and other Westminster cuts. Legal aid that helped me so much when the Foca dumped me, legal aid that can't help me with housing because there aren't enough funds. Cut it more? The poor and their problems don't exist to the politicians anymore.

And all that from the party I thought cared about us.

Blair was bought in when I watched the news later. True Blue? No I don't love you but good song Madonna....

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