Saturday, 30 January 2010

1000 profile views!

Well, well, well, well....

1000 approximate hits on my blog!

I don't know what this means of course. For a very long time it was one hit per post, so I figured it was just me entering the site, then suddenly last year it flew up abit and I was 'ey up? Who's reading this?!"

566 posts and double that in hits.

This week for example, it's been at 970 for aaaaaaaaages, then in one day, up it goes. Is it a blogspot backlog of my own visits to write or just people who descend on the same day or is it a mixture of both?

You know, I hope it isn't a politician or a council worker who's got me book marked. They might be thinking 'let her talk, let her talk, the more she talks, the less we'll help her.'

Perhaps that's just me being a teensy weensy bit paranoid. I spend too much time on my own. Isolation can play havoc with one's thought processes....

I'll tell you what though, I have the British Mummy Bloggers to thank for my progressively chilled out attitude to it all. They've made me less afraid of what I write for some have read my posts and still come back and sometimes comment. Others aren't interested and that's cool too. Stigmum is not everyone's cup of PG.

At the 1000 views threshold therefore, I would say that everything's as it should be.

Right, I'm going to switch off the laptop and go and get dressed. The kitchen's nice and tidy, I'll aim to do a little of the living room before I go out.

I'm going to the cinema. Steve's got plans tonight so not going to The Prophet. I'm going to watch White Ribbon on my own. It's a German film. I'll try and write a little review for you, if I can. I'm rubbish at reviews, but blogspot is a kind platform, it lets me practice how to write and doesn't say "you're fired!" when I fail, only how many people are visiting, myself included.

What can I say? Things can only get better? (D:Ream!! - Oh you are a card stiggers, you are a card!)

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