Thursday, 28 January 2010

The float caused the flood

Oh it'll be so nice to tell the property owner that yesterday's flood was not my fault!!

The words that passed between me and her and her partner yesterday, glad that's over too.

Her partner said I had to be home at 9.30am for the plumber had another job. I wanted to sit in my son's music class so suggested 10. He got quite frustrated by me and in the end we found a compromise, 9.45.

I slipped out of the funny lesson to be home but the plumber didn't get here until 10.40. I'd already cancelled Bazza's Boot Camp so I was in anyway, but missed the end of the class for no reason.

The float had a crack in it, so filled with water, so it floated no more, but sank. This caused the overflow. The flood caused by the blocked drain.

He replaced both floats, it will be great to tell the property owner that it wasn't necessarily me putting the heating on too high. Grrrr. I set it lower last night, to 20 (usually 25, she tells me to put it at 18). My son woke up this morning and said "mummy I'm cold." Draughty fecking flats I tell you, high is not high enough.

Anyway, the music class was brilliant. They sang a song, then worked on short sounds and long sounds, first by listening to classical music, then, the bit I missed, composing sounds on musical instruments.

Before listening to the classical music the teacher asked:

"Can anyone tell me what happened to Beethoven when he got old?"

Little R shot his hand up. "Yes R?" said the teacher.

"He died."

We four parents burst out laughing but I couldn't control my giggles.

"He became deaf ," said another child.

I was still shaking uncontrollably like my own seven year old self would do so fortunate really there was reason to sneak out.

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