Saturday, 30 January 2010


"Televisions" can be used "as a pacifier, as a passive source of experience when all else fails."
(Mihaly R Csikszentmihalyi, Eugene Halton. Meaning of things. Domestic symbols and the self)


A Modern Mother said...

I use TV way too much when they were little, I had to for my sanity. But the bad thing about it is that it does not promote verbal skills in little ones. Also, it's good to talk about what they watch.

Stigmum said...

I still limit it for my son, though with computer games and psps, it's a rotation of screens...
At night, he goes to bed and the book I'm reading goes unread. To think, once upon a time, I didn't have a TV at all! Too much doesn't do any of us any favours, with the exception of perhaps, a TV critic! Like you say, it's good to talk!