Thursday, 28 January 2010

I'm not allowed to talk to my housing officer!!!

My housing officer from Pathmeads was supposed to be coming round tomorrow for a 'routine inspection' between 9 and 1. I won't be in so I call him.

Press 1 for repairs, 2 for housing.


Please hold please hold please hold.

"Oh hi, can I speak to Tommy please?"
"Can I ask what it's regarding?"
"He's due to come and see me tomorrow but I won't be in."
"I'm afraid you can't speak directly to your housing officer but I could take the message for you."
"What? I can't speak to him directly?"

It threw me reader, it threw me.

You can end up going round the houses with these people, which is why I didn't bother logging the flood with them yesterday and went directly to the Property Owner, but now I discover you can't have access to your own, personal housing officer if a need arises?

So what is the point of him?



A Modern Mother said...

Seems silly to me, but par for the course. Good luck getting in touch!

Stigmum said...

Read a great article in the sunday telegraph mag about the decliine of customer services in the country (Can't get NO satisfaction 24th Jan). We all know it if we have a tv, gas, telephone etc...! I wanted to write a short intelligent post based on it, but with the personal factor of the housing officers, our link to our organisational landlord. My example here is I can no longer get in touch with him at a time when I'm being evicted and possibly need to - still don't know when we're out for sure you see... Maybe one day I will be able to write a proper objective piece, and I'll sell it to the papers. Unless of course, someone does it first! Thanks for the luck! To you too when you call any service provider for any complaint you need to make!