Sunday, 31 January 2010

A warm coincidence

My mother has just called. She tells me that yesterday she got an overwhelming feeling of anxiety but had no idea where it came from.
So she prayed to her angels, prayed and prayed. Asked that whatever was causing this anxiety could be resolved.
At 9.30 she went to bed. She told me she had a blissful night's sleep, so profound, no worry whatsoever disturbing it.
I laughed: "You know what?" and I told her about last night's trip to the cinema....
"It's probably just a coincidence but quite a freaky one!"


Jennysmith said...

Its amazing what these mums know and don't know, Stig. Its like that song Intuition by Lynx.

Did you see something nice? xx

Stigmum said...

The film you mean? Yes it was good, but I wouldn't say 'nice' given how some of the children are treated in it... worth seeing though if you don't mind subtitles!
My mum is quite amazing. I don't like to tell her when I'm feeling down so it's quite mad the number of times she calls when I'm in a black spot and says "Are you ok? I had a feeling you aren't..."
I'm also going to google that song! Thank you Jen mamma xxx