Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Foca Sunday Omnibus

At 6.10pm I call the Foca's home.
"Who's that?" I say as a male voice answers. In truth I didn't expect that, thought it would be the wife.
"Why is our son still there?"
"I'm running late, we're leaving now."
"Well it's good he's coming back but what time do you expect..."
"I don't know. Why are you calling?"
"Because you..."
He talks over me, I hear "don't call here again" and he hangs up.
Very mature. Very. Prick.
Am tempted to call back but it'll just be more of the same.
So I post the Sunday omnibus now.
No idea what time my son will be back but I can guarantee that if I try and talk to the Foca he will walk away.
In fact, he'll probably drop my son off at the door and make a run for it down the stairs before I have time to answer it.
Quite comical really.
I'm not laughing though, I don't find it funny.

I was meant to be going on a date with MakeHay today but he called this morning to say a pipe burst in his house. He phoned while I was on the heath earlier to say he'd done a diy plumbing job on it and was free to meet me.
Had I known my son wouldn't be back until at least 9pm, I'd have met him for a drink.
Instead here I am at home with a copy of the Mail on Sunday.
It's against my religion to buy the Mail, but there was a free "Soldiers" CD with 5p going to Help for the Heroes.

It could be worse; the Foca could still fancy me.
Perhaps he does
Well you have to wonder why ex's "who have moved on" still like to treat you like shit.

Glad my son is coming home. Late, yes late, he'll be moody in the morning but at least it won't drag on all week.

At least I hope not....
Hoping also that after all that, a "message from the dark side there is" doesn't arrive from the foca saying the boy isn't coming back; trains aren't running or something.

Will there be another "episode" at midnight heralding the Monday soap slot?

I hope not...

Doopee doopee doop doop

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