Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mine "is not a mummy blog"

Last week, or was it the week before? I forget, but I met my friend Jo for lunch. Jo is a three day a week working mamma who doesn't live with her foca, even though they are together, so I call her my pseudo single mum friend.

When we sat down to chat she already knew many things about my life because she reads my blog.

She's not a "follower", she, like Phil is a "book marker". To this end, I have no idea who reads my blog or passes by or anything. I got an email from a guy I saw talking but didn't speak to in a pub a few months ago about a Hungarian National Party protest. That was quite surreal, he told me stigmum had come up on a google link. It frightened me at the time - who else finds me? The council? Fingers from that hand I bite? Those with the power to consign my life to hell? I haven't erm, replied to him. Whoops. Or thought about the consequences of the council reading it. Nice.

Jo said that if she didn't know me, she wouldn't read it. She finds it interesting because she knows me, it's a way of catching up with what I'm doing.

"Your blog doesn't really relate to my life," she said. "It's very specific, it's very unique, it's not a 'mummy blog' at all. It's more political."

I think it is a mummy blog and it isn't.

It is because I am, er, a mum.

It isn't because I don't talk about what the other mum's are talking about or maybe I do but not very often at all. I haven't got into a habit of talking about my son, or my family, of other people or events. Jo, for one, would find it useful if I did. There's value in talking about these things, I know because I find other people's blogs valuable.

What's got me, yes, me me me, ME me talking about this? Why, another blogger!

notSupermum's back! She's written a post about losing her blogging mojo! I like notSupermum so I hope it's the post to set her off again!

I told her that losing the blogging mojo is an occupational hazard. It is, it sure is!

Sometimes there are things I want to talk about but because I've written a stream of housing posts, say, I just don't know how. Sitting in the belief that no-one reads me possibly helps me get started again, but then so do other people's comments. I don't know, what drives you?

One thing's for sure though, blogland is a nice place to be. You can talk to yourself, you can talk to other people. You can do what you want!

Right, I'll quickly post something about plumbing.... well, I won't talk about it to Jo when I see her, I can't go boring the girl, but it's about yesterday's flood, which I told you about, whoever you are, so it feel's only right to end that particular story!

(Though I wish I wrote stuff like A Modern Mother did this morning, but given that for whatever reason I can't, I'll just be glad she can! Oh what a wonderful world is the blogosphere!)

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