Friday, 29 January 2010

Self Belief

It's funny (not ha ha) that as I cycled to a Basic Journalism course this morning, I thought I might blog later something about Self Belief.

Me, you see, on a good day I have a little, on a bad day I have none.

My lack of self belief is what got me here, what keeps me here, what keeps me stuck.

I've met people with a ton of self belief. They are all doing very well professionally, voluntary or otherwise. They don't think about it, the one's I know, it's just innate within them. I see myself on paper, my CV specifically, for that is what triggered this thought, and I think I should have loads of self belief.

It's so hard for some of us to believe in ourselves. I don't know, we've been stamped on that bit too hard perhaps.

This thought came to me because I woke up under a cloud, happens, I don't know why and there I was on my way to a Basic Journalism course. I was once a Deputy Editor. More by luck than talent, I always tell myself.

On paper, I shouldn't need to do a Basic Journalism course. I don't want to tell the tutor I've done it all before. She might expect something from me better than I can give.

But that's about self belief isn't it? The lack of it is the greatest obstacle infront of many people's lives.

(Had I not blown out my 'date' tonight, I wouldn't have posted this. Housing and the Foca are the Twin Pointed Fork I always talk about. I'd have done that retrospectively. I felt better after cake you see, cake for Haiti, HAITI, at the school tea this afternoon. Stiggers has posted her soul because she has too much time, even though there is a ton of washing up to do from the baking extravangza last night. The truth is, this is stuff that ordinarily I don't want you to know. I've had a beer, now I'll watch TV. Celebrity Big Brother final! 8 out of 10 Cats! Go to bed stiggers, go to bed.)

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