Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Blind Date

In a couple of hours I'm going to meet a man for a St Patrick's Day drink.

I met him outside the Jam House in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. It would seem I wrote my telephone number on the back of his tourist map.

Yesterday, when he called to arrange our date I had to be honest and tell him I had no idea what he looked like!

You see, I don't remember meeting him!

I wasn't drunk that night, I was happily dancing to 70's hits with Scotland's Only Son.

What I do remember about the end of the evening was My Mate Charlie asking a group of girls if they knew who Scotland's Only Son was.

"Is he a footballer? Is he a footballer?" they shrieked.

They lost interest and walked away when they found out he wasn't.

That is what I remember from my moments outside the Jam House.

I am now hoping that if I was wearing super strength beer goggles at the time after all, my date turns out to be a nice guy.

If I do mention him again, I'll call him Paddy.

I wish you all a very happy St Patrick's Day!

(Question to self. Should you go on a date if you are not currently on the market for a boyfriend?)

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