Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tell us! say Tories

Another flyer I found amongst all the take away flyers and stuff by my door is a 19 question survey from the Tories.

I won't tell you them all because a few questions have put me off.

1. Should extra housing points be given to enable living close to a relative who provides childcare?

Now, help me out here reader. Is this encouraging teenage girls in over crowded households to get pregnant?

3. [Your 'hood] needs more affordable housing for the children of local families. Do you agree?

18 year old children or 7 year old children? Be a bit clearer please.

8. Residents in [Your 'hood] should be rewarded for keeping their property clean and tidy. Do you agree?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Is this inside the property? How Clean Is Your House Big Brother style? Can we have no private space? Still, what's the reward? More storage? A new mattress to replace the current jutting out springs one? A week's supply of chocolate?


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