Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bonnie, my flat is falling apart!!

Bonnie, a couple of weeks ago, you understood that I was falling apart. Bonnie, I didn't tell you the flat was too...

My curtain rail had broken but then two days after playing with you, well something happened to my front door!

I shut it a little too hard and the lock, which is embedded on a piece of wood within the old knackered frame, flew out! Now I lock the front door behind me but I can gently push it open for re-entry.

Luckily there's another lock on the door so I didn't call the property owner, who's partner had tried to sort out the crumbling frame a few months ago.

Then at the weekend, the electrics kept cutting out. The meter was fizzing again, quite literally, "giving off sparks"!

Monday afternoon the whole thing went off as my son was playing on the computer. The flat would have been thrown into pitch darkness had the clocks not gone forward Sunday! I'd hit another downer too so a bit of a coincidence really.

I thought it might be a powercut but my neighbours were fine.

I thought of you Bonnie, I did.

Oh electrician, electrician, it's all fallen apart, and I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever and you'll only be making things right, it won't ever go wrong....

Only I couldn't play your song.
Nor could I cook or reheat my son a meal.
All the handmade food in the freezer would melt.
And finally, finally, the dam burst and I cried.

I needed to cry Bonnie, so thank you xxx

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