Friday, 26 March 2010

A Friday afternoon browse into Cyberspace

My goodness! I thought I'd go and have a look at what all the mums are up to and I got quite a shock.

Yesterday Rosie Scribble wrote a great post entitled: Are we mummy bloggers or are we something more? and today, on account of some angry responses she got, she's going to stop blogging.

A Modern Mother is "having a vent" (always good methinks) and had a link to a mumsrock page where mums are saying they don't want to be known as mummy bloggers!!

I was quite shocked so I commented:

Crikey! Is it mamma on mamma bashing? I wasn't born yesterday and know it goes on but it saddens me ya know, it does. My username obviously has the word 'mum' in it. I am one! I'm proud and lucky to be one! Millions of people have walked away from me at the mere mention of the word. That's why I think my username is so cool!! Dads will never get the same will they? 21st century and nothing's changed... Oh well, maybe people are just jealous that we are so amazing whether we stay at home, go to 'work' or whatever!!Mumsrock is also a very cool name!British Mummy Bloggers, Cybermummy, mumsnet, all cool with me! You get all sorts under the ma, mamma, mummy, mum tag and thank goodness for that.

I had no idea! Probably last time I'll get involved in a conversation about it though so that's why I posted my comment!

Maybe, and this random thought has just come up, I have no grudge about the 'mummy' label because society doesn't see me as one. Not rich enough, no husband, dunno. Judgements always come from whoever's doing the judging don't they?

Ah! Have I just articulated my own definition of what I think "society" thinks?! And what "society" would that be?!

I tell you, you learn stuff browsing on a Friday!

I am a Mummy
Me Mumme
Mum me


rosiescribble said...

It's a shame that my post, which generated sensible debate at the time then resulted in a post which I felt were harshly worded, and then someone else responds in anger to that post and the whole thing seem to escalate. Situations like this happen in the mummy blogging world from time to time. Do I want to be a part of it? No. So I'll take a break and let it all blow over while I relax and enjoy life a bit more. Life's too short and there are more important things to focus on.

A Modern Mother said...

Always an interesting Friday in mumosphere. I don't like perpetuating myths and buying into stereotypes. I am very comfortable beng "mum" right now, proud of it,and don't like it when others, mums especially, imply that I should keep that bit about me quiet. Why?

Stigmum said...

Rosie, I totally understand and if you want to take a break, take a break and be sure to enjoy it! You asked a fantastic question so don't take it personally that your post generated harsh responses. It's just a question after all!Those responses are nothing to do with you! I don't want to be a part of it either, hence my post. Take good care while you're away xxx

A Modern Mother - Why indeed? I can understand the childless a little bit but fellow mums? Beats me! Being a mother is the greatest gift that life has given me. If I thought I was something before (which, I erm, didn't), well now, I am more than that! Incredible! Be comfortable being "mum" forever. I personally feel very blessed when I say that's what I am! Onward mamma! xxx