Tuesday, 2 March 2010

One must never give up Hope

Thanks to my chance meeting with the Libdem Party Leader, I met his Party Pal on Saturday. Nice guy. He said he'd look into things for me. I wrote him a four page review of mine and my son's situation. At the end I put what I hoped for:
More points to obtain that elusive secure tenancy.
Can we try the exceptions panel again?

Me and Allocations have been emailing each other. Again, too long to transpose on to here. Support Worker, Lease End, Quality and Tory are cc'd onto those. I've never met Allocations, nor she me. It's quite funny; we've been in communication for years. I wonder what she looks like.

I spoke to a friendly woman on the phone this morning. She said unfortunately she couldn't help me but suggested I stop "looking at the inherent inequalities" of the system and "look to get [myself] on the ladder."

Yes, in this game, I keep sliding down snakes. Snakes aren't people but policy.

I've just bin cotton pickin' unlucky. It makes me angry sometimes. I still haven't cried.

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