Thursday, 11 March 2010

Really Freaky!!

The other week when I went to meet the Libdem Leader's Pal, I wrote a four page review of my situation. I couldn't print it out because, to all intents and purposes, the printer was broken; the cartridges wouldn't centralise in the machine. In the end I emailed it to him.

Now, I've just been to notSupermum's blog (cos I like her!) and she wrote that there were free tickets to go and see The Blindside next week.

I thought I'd give it a go and......

The printer is miraculously working again!! I've got my free ticket!!!

Must pop over and thank her!! Thank her mucho very mucho!! Thank her very very mucho indeed!!

(and hope cinema accepts the print out. The ink's run so low you can hardly see it but I might be ok!)

(and also as I type this, another bloomin' power cut, so will sit and wait patiently or this post will be lost! Possibly shouldn't have labelled this Really Freaky but damn lucky I got the ticket before the internet went down on me!)

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