Thursday, 18 March 2010

My replies come from my heart

"Don't try to be, just be" (The Zen Master)
Don't think about doing things, just do it. (Stigmum)

Dear [Director of Housing Needs],

Thank you for your letter. It is news to me that we may be offered another property with Pathmeads. I do not know what this news means for my child except of course that he will continue to be bounced around. Will his education be affected? Will he be torn away from this community which is his home, where he has after school activities, where he has friends?

Am I the only person who cares about the welfare of my child?

You say I need 540 points for a secure tenancy. A vast number are housed with less than that. This vast number have been waiting less time than us yet have more points. Many are housed with less points than us who have been waiting less time. I'm told to bid, I'm told not to bid, indeed, your letter says that I will be unsuccessful even if I do bid, which of course is something that I have been programmed to do for six years now.

Why have we fallen so far down the list? Is it because I turned down a property three years ago. Under this Choice Based Lettings Scheme I have not been shortlisted to view a property since. The council knows my reasons for turning down this property which 25 other families turned down before me, for their own reasons. I still do not know why I went from being 5th on the list to 200th. I'm still well over 100th now.

What is "time waiting" all about if people who have waited less time than us are given a secure tenancy?

I have said time and again that this will be my seven year old son's fourth home. The council is saying it won't be his last. It will continue to force us from property to property to property. How is this good for my child? If I can barely cope with it myself, how is this too, good for my child?

More can be done to help us. We are being evicted. We can be placed in a higher banding. We can be given extra points for insecure housing.

I have to ask again: Am I the only person who cares for the welfare of my child?

If Every Child Matters, why doesn't mine?

He is entitled to a secure home isn't he?

You are the Head of Housing Needs. My son and I have a housing need. [Director of Housing] is Director of Adult Social Care. My son needs me.

Thanks again for your email. I am aware that many people are cc'd to it. I hope everyone can work towards a positive outcome for my child.

Kind regards

Sue de Nim

(Cc'd were Allocations, Head Honcho's PA, Libdem Councillor, Lease End and two others I haven't the foggiest who they are or what they do. Lease End called while I was in Boot Camp, I haven't returned the call yet, the thought depresses me because it's not the news I want to hear)


Jennysmith said...

Good for you Stig. You really socked it to them xx

Stigmum said...

Oh thanks my fave follower, hope it works out for me and me boy, bleddy council xxx