Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Having the mind to so some things and not others

I called the Libdem Leader's pal last night unable to contain my curiosity as to the progress with mine and my son's lives.

He hadn't called my support worker yet but he would he said.

In a desperate trade I said I'd vote Libdem if we got housed before the election.

He told me not to think of the elections. I can't help myself though.

This morning I sent support worker a text saying Libdem Leader's pal was going to call him. Crikey you can smell the desperation on that little missive:

Please be on mine & [my son's] side. Say in your dreams u'd fast track us. Hope you're ok, sue

I hope he does say he'd fast track us, hope he does act on our behalf. I hope this gets sorted once and for all.

I didn't, I haven't sent the Tory an email. Maybe because I sense he's not on our side.

Funny thought this morning though that I should. Not only that, I should go back to my MP. That way I'd have ALL THREE parties putting in a call to Allocations on our behalf.

It would be funny wouldn't it? Only this isn't a game, this is two people's lives.

I'm putting all my remaining eggs in the Libdem basket because the few I had before got smashed in the others'.

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