Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The picture my son has drawn

I picked my son up from after school club yesterday.

"Mummy, I've drawn you a picture. Guess where I am!"

He'd drawn a massive rainbow on a piece of white paper. Beneath it he is standing on a bridge with a pond beneath it.

"On a bridge!"

"No! In our garden!"

"Isn't that a pond and you're on the bridge?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Ah, that's lovely. We'll have to find somewhere to put it up when we get home."

This morning, just as we were leaving for school, he said:

"Do you know why you're not in the picture?"

"No, why?"

"Because you're inside checking your emails!"

Oh reader, oh reader! I had the vision from the inside of our home! In my vision he's at his dad's but you know, I think my son's interpretation is probably the right one! That's why I haven't cleared his toys away, he's with me!

Finger's crossed our shared dream comes true! I'm realistic enough to know that if/when we get a council permanent tenancy, it's unlikely to have a garden, but even if it's another tower, the rent will be cheaper than the private sector. All I'll have to is earn £3 million then I can buy his dream and mine - permanent tenancy with garden!

£3 million. Three million pounds. You read me right. That is how much I will have to earn.

In the Homes pullout that comes with the local rag, that is how much properties around here COST. Two bedroom places give you hardly any change from that sum.

Politicians and home owners want the housing market to rise again?


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