Friday, 26 March 2010

Empty weekends

Last weekend my boy was with me. No playmates around for either of us. We had a good time though. Alice in Wonderland on Saturday, then Church Sunday morning. We'd planned the Science Museum for the afternoon but it was so sunny we went up to the heath where he taught me football skills.

It's quite a job tackling him these days and we were having a right laugh until a big brown labrador decided to join in and punctured his ball. Oh the tears, devastated that the birthday present my mate Charlie had given him was now destroyed.

To calm him down I told him I'd text Charlie and ask where he got the ball and how much it cost. He eventually cheered up and we went to the playground. I found a friend there but he played on his own, practicing gymnastic skills on the 'rings'.

This weekend is full of social kiddy events but he's not with me. I did ask his dad if I could keep him, the third weekend in a row, for a birthday party and a lunch with old uni mates and their kids on Sunday but but...

Maybe he would have let me have him but it's Easter Weekend the following one. Easter is really special to me and I want my boy with me. Ages ago the foca said I could have him then because "religion means nothing to me," something that was always fine with agnostic me. I was unwilling to trade it though, so when bloody annoying texts started coming in from him at 6.30 the following MORNING, well I wasn't about to get into a fight.

If we keep weekends one me, one him, I've worked out that my son will be with me on my birthday! Don't really want to mess with our arrangement until after that....

And the ball? Charlie bought round a new one on Wednesday! Wouldn't let me pay for it! How nice is that?!

My son my sun, I hope you have a lovely weekend this weekend. I'm sure you will. I'll be thinking of you!

Lots of love,

Your mamma xxxx

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