Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Getting facts straight

After I'd sent Allocations the email you'll read in the post below, she sent a reply saying I might have been confused by her email. It wasn't only two homeless households who got housed last year, but two who'd registered that year who got housed. I wish I'd had my brain in my head when I replied to say quite a few 2009ers got housed last year, but I didn't. Sometimes I just don't think before I write (like now).

Below what I replied to that one anyway with a mini explanation of what led my answers in brackets. If you don't fall asleep with this one, you will with the next.....

Dear [Allocations],


You all know my reasons not wanting PRS. Bounce, bounce, bounce my son with me who can't help worrying, so many house moves in my past and evictions since he was born.

I did ask the property owner if we could do PRS here so I don't have to move my son. Landlords and ladies don't like people on benefits though, especially if they have children. I thought she was different. I don't know how many turned me away before the Church didn't.

It's insecure and expensive.

PRS medical points are taken away just as my points were reduced when the Church evicted us. Different system, different policies. Catastrophic for me and my son. (She asked why I think our medical points will be taken away)

Like I said, recently someone was housed with less points than me, just as you told me in your earlier email that person did last year. All the 'winners' I see have been waiting less time than us.

What is "time waiting" if it doesn't mean anything?

I wouldn't say a breakdown is upsetting but it is frightening. Have you ever had one? (You don't have to answer that and I hope your answer will always be 'no') (She was sorry to hear I'd had an "upsetting weekend")

Thanks again for your email.
Kind regards
Sue de Nim

She gave statistical information about how many homeless households were housed over the past few years. I still think it's shocking it's only 6% of overall households and after all this time, that everyone seems to be going before me and my son. Grrrr GRRRRRRRRRRR.

She's got a bundle of questions to answer for me. I hope she does. I need to understand this fecking system crushing me. Doc says I should move on. I should have asked her how many times she's faced eviction.

I'm telling you, I'm flipping headless most of the time.

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