Saturday, 27 March 2010

I am QuiteSomething!

Popped into the online dating world this morning to delete my profile. Interesting when I went in. 93 men had viewed my profile and not one had sent me an email! Not one!

This was my profile set next to quite a nice picture of me:

Why should you get to know QuiteSomething?

You might like to get to know me because I am 200 years old! I've been asleep for 100 years and I'm just waking up. Oh what happy dawn!
I'm quite beautiful, I'm quite brave, I'm quite barmy, I'm quite balmy, a true confectionary of quites! Quite Something you could say...
I'm not here for long, just long enough to launch myself out into this new decade! Will we meet here or elsewhere? Who knows!

She describes her ideal match thus:

My Knight in No Armour is my age or thereabouts and is laid back, confident and ready for all kinds of adventure with me! One day when I hope to reach 70 I want to be a 1000 year old relic still playing, having fun and chatting and laughing with this fellow soul about life's idiosyncracies. I'm no Princess, oh no, I'm much more than that. Nor am I for the faint hearted, for I don't have a feigned heart.

Time hopes to hide me!

Oh how will my Knight find me?

How will I find my Knight?

We who look upon one another and have our desires fed forever

You exist on the same soil as me...

Stuff of fairy tales perhaps..

They could read I was British and female, small, slim, "very" attractive and single. They knew I had children living with me, "maybe" would have more. I eat "most things", drink and smoke occasionally (I smoke everyday but not in chains). I'm a postgrad who can speak french, I'm spiritual but not religious.

Gracious, I said that I read books, magazines and newspapers, hinted at my interests in music and film. I said I like sport and animals and I'd love to go backpacking round the globe when I retire.

What's not to like in all that?!

I told them I was leaving, grab your chance!

Ninety three men and not one!

Their loss and my lucky escape I think!

It's time to leave, I've been there too long. Quite fussy? You have to be quite frankly!

Fresh pastures call to me! I'm going to see if the grass is greener in the world that I live in!



notSupermum said...

Quite brave too I think. I couldn't face the online dating scene - it brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Stigmum said...

I totally agree with you as I found the whole thing quite frightening too!! Though have to say when I first started years ago I was absolutely terrified. Putting in my profile back then that I wasn't looking for anyone or anything certainly helped in a therapeutic kind of way! I'm still not ready but being 'out there' in dating cyberspace just isn't right for me anymore.
Who did we say? St Anthony, St Jude and Doris?!
Yep, que sera sera! xxx