Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Punch That Judy

Facebook chat with me old biscuit Gem this morning. She asked how our housing situ was going and I recounted recent events.

"So is Mr Clegg going to solve all your problems as part of his election campaign?" she asked.

"He better!" I said with bravado.

I told her that when I met the Libdem Leader's pal a couple of weeks ago, I'd told him Clegg was "God sent".

"No he wasn't," said Libdem Leader's Pal.

"Oh yes he was!" said the stigmum.

"A right old pantomime!" I continued. "I hope everything gets resolved though by the time the curtain drops!"

We all know how it goes though don't we.....

"That's the way to do it!" says Punch wielding his political stick.

I am Judy; have mercy....

Or am I Punch?


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