Saturday, 27 March 2010

Me, Myself and I!

I have to introduce you to QuiteSomething because her time in the online dating world is over.

I've bought her here because I don't want to kill her off.

Stigmum and QuiteSomething are not so different.

The State is Stigmum's symbolic husband.

The State is QuiteSomething's symbolic boyfriend.

Neither wants to see the eradication of the State. Stigmum needs it and QuiteSomething knows that many, many other people do too. It's very supportive to individuals when times get very hard. It's also very supportive of people who are better off offering free health care and education to all even the super rich.

Some people want to abolish the State. Stigmum and QuiteSomething cannot understand how they, these people, cannot understand the importance of it.

Conflict exists between these two though.

QuiteSomething likes what she does for the council.

Stigmum hates what the council is doing to her.

Stigmum won't write about what work QuiteSomething does because she doesn't want to scupper QuiteSomething's chances for employment in the future. QuiteSomething has to be trusted particularly if she is witness to sensitive information in the arena of children; where she is currently working.

Stigmum does use what QuiteSomething learns. Every Child Matters? Even then Stigmum doesn't talk about other children, only her own, only herself.

In the online dating world QuiteSomething rarely told people she and her son were statutory homeless and being evicted. She was light and fun and concealed what hurt her. She concealed that the State was her symbolic boyfriend too until she met men with open minds and she met quite a few of those, which is a relief!

If QuiteSomething wanted to talk about herself she could but I can't be a conduit for both of them. Not in blogland. I'm too busy!

I'm glad I've bought her here. I am a one woman army but I can't go through all this eviction bollocks on my own.

Stiggers, QuiteSomething and I want to leave this post with a song!

We are family!
Stigmum, QuiteSomething and me!
We are family
La la la la la la la la! (Sister Sledge featuring the Sisters!)

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