Thursday, 4 March 2010

Change of scenery

My mate Charlie has invited me to Edinburgh for the weekend.

He came by Sunday saying he'd lost my number then sent a text later that evening:

"Hi sue am off 2 edinburgh fri morn comin back sun eve travellin on coach an have a spare ticket wld love ur company if u don't mind sharing a room its already paid 4 an u seem as if u cld use a break?"

Wow! My son wouldn't be with me; my ex had called suggesting we trade weekends so I could have him for Mother's Day, which was nice of him. I have the following two weekends with my boy as a result of the changes.

I do need a break....

"Maybe" I replied.

My mate Charlie's gone and sorted out childcare so someone can take my boy to school tomorrow. I've kind of gone with it. Only I've only just remembered I've got my journo course. Bugger.

I'll call my tutor, hopefully she won't mind. I like my course so I mind a bit.

But hey! Edinburgh! I've never been, properly!

I can do bus journeys! I've been to China!

The return journey on one of my trips was a bit bumpy though....

Still, if 20 hours on a bus with a glorious city inbetween can't calm my mind, then quite frankly, I don't know what can.

Wee hee, thanks Charlie!


Jennysmith said...

Fantastic. HAve always wanted to go there. Have a lovely time and concentrate on yourself. xxx

Stigmum said...

Will certainly try, thanks mamma! Stuff myself with the sights and sounds so I can dream of the memories and not my reality on the way back! I'll try and post something about it, but I've read your brilliant Warsaw piece... don't expect similar from me! xxx