Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Oh sod it

This is the reply I sent to Allocations the other day. She'd cc'd Support Worker, Lease End, Quality and Tory, so they got it too. Her email too long transpose, but you may get an idea of what it contained by my answer. I'd say enjoy it, but if you're not researching housing, you might fall asleep....

Dear [Allocations],

I have had the opportunity to take in what you say in your email. Thanks again for explaining things to me. I'll answer according to your email if that's ok as there are quite a few points there.

Firstly, obviously, I'd like a secure tenancy to be an option for us. I will worry less about my son for my depression impacts him. It also means I can start properly moving on with our lives with no fear that our foundations will be whipped from under us again. Work, [Allocations]. An employer would fire me right now the way I am feeling.

In 2009, that only two homeless households were housed out of 1,212 households is truly shocking. More shocking is that my son and I weren't one of them, given we have waited such a long time. I saw someone got housed with less points than us again this week. It hurts. Where did the other households come from?

19,885 is a high number, I agree. 6% is low. Why, when it is possible to finally settle my child, instead we continue to be bounced around? Again, what other households are waiting and take priority over a child facing his fourth insecure tenancy in 7 years?

I am not suggesting a child under five should not get priority. However, children do grow out of buggies. I've not seen many mothers like me carrying their over 5's on the back of a bicycle. My bicycle is our transport. As soon as I can summon up the courage, his bike will tag along behind mine. It's dangerous; twice in December drivers cursed us when we had the right of way. Once again, not only is he entitled to his own room but psychologists have written to the council asking this for him anyway. He needs space from me while I deal with issues unrelated to housing, but ignored because of the impact housing has had on me.

A medical assessment might increase my points. I know that under PRS, these will be taken away again.

I probably don't need to say it but it would make me happier if the property the council were investigating for me, was finally, a permanent one. We don't "need" another temporary home. I have been writing for years. My doctor has written to the council, my son's school. My MP has appealed for us, as have others. In my eyes, the council is my landlord, not Pathmeads, not the property owner. The council offers me the security I crave for myself and my son and affordable rent so I can provide for him. There are unscrupulous landlords around (the church wasn't one of these luckily even if it didn't want us). Unfortunately too, there are fathers who fail to realise that what they do to the mother, they do to the child (my experience anyway), I say this because there is a need for temporary accommodation.

I cannot describe the anxiety going through this process. Last weekend I had a breakdown. I've gone to seek help for it because I don't want it to happen again. I don't have a husband or a partner to calm me down, only a child to keep me going. Guilt is the icing on that cake.

I didn't bid this week, I'll be honest with you. My son's school is so good for him that my desire to keep him there went before the properties near a friend of mine. I will keep bidding, of course I will. I can't give up hope.

[Allocations] thanks again for your email.
Kind regards
Sue de Nim

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