Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Lease End has just called, asking if I read the email the Director of Housing Needs sent me last week.

"Er.... Yes! Didn't you receive the reply I sent?"

He did and he talked to me about this new option; being given a two bedroom flat with my current Landlord.

I told him I didn't want to commit to anything except a permanent tenancy. "There's four months to go for me to try and fight for one for my son."

He asked what I thought about it anyway. I said if I were childless, brilliant! "When I was childless finding somewhere to rent was so hard; flatshares where they'd look you up and down in the interview then go for someone 'cooler'. Oh you know, you've been there."


"I have a child though. With children it's impossible, I know. If you're a family with children and you keep getting evicted, you need security. The council says we're not exceptional but show me another child who has been handed notice by his father, then evicted by a religious organisation, then evicted by the housing association the council has got to care for him. Mammoth whammy, something can be done so we finally get a permanent tenancy now."

I was very calm, possibly because I'm chain exhaling.

He said he'd talk to the Director of Housing Needs. Great.

Support worker rang earlier too saying the Libdem Leader's Pal was talking to 'operations' because mine wasn't a 'support' need. "Who are they?" I asked. "Allocation's managers," he said. That, oh reader, is the furthest anyone has gone before on a personal mission.

If I hadn't pitched the national, I would be hoping, praying but in that desperate way.

As it is I'm calm.

Calm before a storm?

I shall cling to the sides of my rusty boat and hope for the best.

Exhale, Exhale, now go to the heath and commune with the ducks before you pick up the lad from school

Sure stiggers, thanks x

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