Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tory propoganda?

At the weekend, a Tory election leaflet slipped through my letter box. I skimmed it, because there is only one thing I am interested in the elections, and there on the back:

Housing. The Facts (I'm gonna give you these facts with my comments if applicable)
  • 1998 - 2006 Labour Councillors sell off 5000 council homes (doesn't state if these are Right To Buy or back handers to rich friends. I shall endeavour to find out)
  • 2001 Labour law forces Camden to make its homes 'decent' by 2010 (well yes, have you seen the state of some of them?)
  • 2004 Camden Council tenants vote against ALMO (quite right, this is privatising council flats... bounce bounce bounce the children a fear for many, never mind rising costs)
  • 2005 The Labour Government punishes them by refusing the £284m 'decent homes' money (Yup, blackmail of this nature is 21st century treachery)
  • 2006 Lib-Dems take over Camden's Housing, of which 70% are still not 'decent' (what are you saying here? That Labour reneged on it's promise or that the job is a fecking big one?)
  • 2007 Survey reveals true 'decent homes' cost to be £413m (who commissioned the survey? Who are the contractors? Some people know this)
  • 2008 [Local] Conservative Councillor lobbies Labour MP for the money (and?)
  • 2006 - 2010 Libdems sell of 102 of worst condition homes to raise 'decent homes' money (most of which are much sought after street properties. Flats in towers wouldn't raise as much. Funny that....)
  • Labour law forces Camden to sell its homes to property developers (and who would you sell them to Tories?)
  • The last Conservative Government built 46,000 social homes each year (those facts would have to be checked, I understood that they stopped after Thatcher introduced the Right To Buy)
  • This Labour Government has built only 17,000 each year (if you say so, but again would have to be checked. Lots of people know more about housing than me)

The I Don't Know Party wishes to know what a Tory Government will do about housing. What a Tory led coalition will do here in Camden. Halt the sale of council flats? Most councillors I've spoken to agree with it....

Why did you leave that out Tories, in your manifesto?

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