Monday, 28 February 2011

Bank bail in...

Saturday morning a bunch of us, I say 'us' I mean 'us' you know, people, you know what I mean... well a bunch of us piled into Natwest bank in protest at the cuts/bonuses, every unnecessary thing that's happening at the moment!

The shop floor was turned into a creche! Kids reading, drawing, a sing song at the end as they banged or blew through their instruments. All under the watchful gaze of the press!

My son wasn't with me, sadly and also luckily. A guy from the One Show approached a dad who we might see on the telly tonight!! I wouldn't have had the balls I don't think to be on the telly... or maybe I would've had, don't know! I was too busy smiling at the beautiful juxtaposition of being at a bank protest having written about bank greed just a few days earlier.

The protest was organised by ukuncut though I heard about it through an invite on facebook:
A Feminist Big Society Bail-in.

It was great! Reading the press, there were other sit ins around the country. One bank was turned into a laundry and another into a school where protesters turned up in school uniform ready for a history lesson from a lecturer from the London School of Economics.

The Mail was present where we were and delivered a decent write up for once!:

Go to: and have a read around their website or subscribe to the newsletter or anything really. Just don't be angry about it all, all by yourself!

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