Monday, 28 February 2011

Doom day protest

Today there is a protest march to Camden Town Hall as the budget cuts are being administered, scratched into paper, of what goes, what stays. Utterly depressing really so going to a protest is the only sensible thing to do!

(I've just found out on a website that the council are cutting £80m from public services while spending £220m on a bio-containment and virus research facility on land that was promised to residents for affordable housing but instead was sold off at discount to the UKCMRI - I read it here:

Anyway, I can't go to the protest but I'm mentioning it as yesterday afternoon I went to the Union offices and helped make the banners for it!

"No ifs, not buts, no condem cuts!"

When Dave talks about a big society I really don't know what he means because from where I stand it's always existed, just now being torn apart.

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