Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Electricity estimate: Totally F****D

My estimated electricity bill for the past two months is

You can't wait for it on a blog can you? It's written there right infront of you.

The estimate is: £534

That's right. It averages out at £250 a month on electricity alone.

My entire weekly income support allowance is swallowed up by the electricity tariffs.

I was going to go for a walk yesterday afternoon then decided instead to just take care of some domestic administration.

I hadn't had an electric bill since the first, which was £13 for a week. I was afraid and rightly bloody so.

The nice nice, can't shoot the messenger on the other end of the phone told me not to worry, they'd work out a payment plan for me.

Not to worry? Payment plan? Two hundred and fifty flipping pounds a month is too high. There must be some flipping mistake..

Not by their records, she said.

I've gone from an average £30 a month at my Papier Mache Towers flat to hundreds in this new one. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I asked her if her company had made good profits this year and she said she didn't think so, not much.

I asked her if her CEO had received a decent bonus and she didn't say anything. Well, what could she say, I just didn't want to shoot her, the messenger.

I'm afraid I cannot see the funny side of it.

It is not hope I was given when she said: "Wait for your bill, this is just an estimate, but our estimates tend to be accurate."

Oh joy!

Some front page article in the Express yesterday about Crisis Loans and people abusing the benefits system or something. "Claimants, " says The Express, "treat it like a hole in the wall for benefits cash." The Department for Work and Pensions say that "hundreds and thousands of people are abusing the system, which is costing £1 million a day."

Well, they would say that wouldn't they, in a bid to take something else away from the poorest.

I did not actually know about these crisis loans but if £250 a month is what I (and I ALWAYS think of pensioners and severely disabled when I'm whacked with an impossibly high bill) have to expect, well shite, I better hurry up and find out about it.

I don't want to pay this bill though. Loan or no loan. I don't. It's a fecking joke.

Hear the CEO laughing: Ha ha ha ha ha!! Oh ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa! Ha haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........!

Hear me laughing; ha ha ha ha ha! Oh ha ha ha h

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