Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Electrician sorts my Bionic Mice

Luck was on my side yesterday evening. An electrician rang me saying he wanted to come round and check the heaters and the lighting.
"Oh brilliant, at last! Are you coming about the mice too?"
"Mice? I don't know anything about any mice."

Ah, so this is an earlier request to the housing association, in December. I called my support worker last week and he sent an email to the housing association about the mice. Nothing. The 'one or two' days.. well, the electrician has come after 'one or two months' so shouldn't really hold my breath. Thankful for small mercies however.

My mice are surely bionic. They stuff themselves on the poison, you can see the trays emptying, then they spend the rest of the night stuffing themselves on the contents of my bin. I heard them last night, at 5am, wide eyed prostrate in my bed praying they'd stick to the kitchen.

(Talking of sticking, downstairs neighbours used glue pads, have caught five mice recently. There are three people live in that flat. It's the guy I haven't met who's the mouse ridder. I still can't bring myself to use glue pads, have the mouse stare at me, frightened....oh feck there's no nice way to deal with them is there?)

Anyway, the electrician called me after the early morning visit saying he'd called the property owners who were getting a mice exterminator round. Possibly today.

He gave me property owner's number as well. It's a real estate company. They own the flat downstairs aswell.

It means if I have a maintenance problem I don't have to go through the Housing Association.

I'm relieved, because that takes so frigging long. Thank you Leccy Man.

I was going to buy a plug in mouse repellent but my electric bill won't stand it.

Well, bye bye mice, I hope.

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