Thursday, 17 February 2011

"Not AARGH in pain! AARGH in TRIUMPH!"

Lifting the metal poles. Mistresses Twin and Ha Ha can do it with no help, lifting it from the floor to their waist, to their shoulders, to the sky!

The rest of us need help, I'm one of those who needs a lot. Mistress Psychic also needed help today because she hasn't been to class for a while. Too weak to help one another lift the bar, the Master stepped in.

"Use your voice, it'll make it easier," he said, as I tried to hoist it from my shoulders to the sky.
"Use your voice!" He shouted.
"Louder! Use it!"
"Not AARGH in pain! AARGH in TRIUMPH!"

"Good," he said after my fourth set of doing five lifts. "You're getting stronger."
"Yeah!" I grinned. "I can feel it!"

It was a painful, I mean, triumphant class!

Punching holding 1kg weights for three minutes, well, I couldn't manage it.
BUT I will be able to in a few weeks!

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