Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

A lawyer at the emergency housing rally yesterday told a room full of people three changes "hidden" in the localism bill, to be legislated through parliament in a few months time.

1. A change in succession rights limited to a spouse or partner. If you have been fighting for a council flat with an eye on securing your child's future so he or she doesn't go through repeated cycles of homelessness like yourself, give up, it's meaningless, you will not be able to pass on your property to your children.

2. Change in homelessness duties. Currently there is 'safety net accommodation' and these people's names come up on the waiting list for properties. This is me!
The change in duty will no longer give homeless people priority - the duty can end by promise of private accommodation.
"Homeless families have no hope," said the lawyer, not realising I am one. "They are trapped being pushed from one unaffordable home to another."

I realised last night that these homeless duties have already changed in Camden. Bought in by the LibCon coalition in 2007.
I, Me, Myself, My Child, are examples of the consequences of this bill. You can clap if you like!

3. Changes in allocation. There still is a waiting list and anyone can go on the waiting list. Even if you have no chance of ever getting anything you can still go on it (When I did my masters thesis in 2008, this was being practiced in Camden)
You can be knocked off the list for
A history "even slight" of rent arrears.
Evidence of wilful destruction to property (Remember, I was told I'd never get a council flat because I was too messy!)

I can't rattle off any other of the reasons the lawyer said because some invisible force had grabbed me by the throat and was choking me. I was struggling to breathe. I had to put my head between my hands because it felt like it was going to explode, take off, like a rocket into space while I simultaneously vomited green bile on to the worn carpet.

Oh the title of this post is a joke by the way! Do you like it?!
I know, I'm so funny!!!

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