Monday, 28 February 2011

House of Mirth!

My son found this very funny...

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but the £50m Camden has been given for housing repairs over the next four years can be compared to a beggar receiving 50p from a banker to cover the next four days. Given the Kingdom’s wealth, £50m is but a drop. It is pouring scorn on an already wounded borough.

The postcard I sent the coalition last July, with the deceased Jennyfer Spencer’s name on it, asked for the return of £238m in allocated funds which was withheld from Camden by the previous government because of its refusal to privatise its council properties through Almos.

Blackmail and bullying is rife in this political playground where ordinary people are the ones to suffer and die; the latest being 91 year old William Jeffrey who fell down the stairs of his estate. Had the lifts been working he might still be alive.

We need to stop this spill of blood. £238m is a pittance compared to the £3bn levy the banks have got away without paying. £50m is a crumb. Chiefs have been able to award themselves vast bonuses from their billion pound pots, only a week ago in fact. The money is there.

If I have misunderstood totally and the £50m is on top of the £238m which is actually on its way back to the borough then I do apologise.

I asked the coalition to answer my postcard through Frank Dobson, the Miliband brothers or its own members who live in the borough and to date have heard nothing. Unless of course the news of this paltry sum is my answer, in which case, give Camden back what it’s owed. Remunerate it similarly to its neighbours in the future. The brutality has gone on long enough.

"Mummy, what does pittance mean?" he asked.
"A little bit."
"What does crumb mean?"
"Same thing, tiny bit, like the tooth fairy leaving you 5p instead of 50p."
"Oh ha ha ha! £50 million a crumb! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Yes, he found it hilarious, my little proof reader.
The comment got into the local paper!
"What I could do with £50m" is the header I sent the editor.
Well, if you don't laugh you cry, don't you?

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